Hometown: Venice, Italy

Background: I started being a more dedicated runner after joining the Serpentine Running Club in London, in February 2012. I got really excited to be surrounded by some great runners, and soon after joining I started competing at events ranging from 10ks to marathons. I joined Track Club Los Angeles shortly after moving to the USA, in 2014. I recently moved to San Diego, where I hope to keep running successfully for many years to come! 

Racing Competitively Since: 2012


5K: 16:16 (Serpentine Club Championship, 2014) 

10K: (Pride Run 10K, 2013)

10M: 54:23 (Cabbage Patch, 2013)

Half Marathon: 1:13:49 (Reading Half Marathon, 2014)

Marathon: 2:34:36 (Florence Marathon, 2014)

The Fun Questions:

Favorite Race: 15 km Southern Counties XC Championship 2013 (Parliament Hill, London, UK)

Favorite Workout: Karen Hancock's "Kenyan Hills" workout at Greenwich Park (London, UK)

Words to Live By: “Dream like you'll live forever, live like you'll die today.” (James Dean)

Why I Choose to Run for PRT: I want to join a team of passionate and strong runners with a positive attitude towards competition that can inspire me to run faster and better

Favorite PRT Memory: I just started running with PRT, so I should have some good ones soon!

What I Like to Do Besides Running: I love spending time with my wife and my friends, and enjoying the outdoors (walking, swimming...). Living in San Diego is such a treat and I feel I have no excuses not to go outside! I also love photography and exploring mindfulness-based practices.