Steven Tyler Underwood

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Background: I’ve been running since I was a kid, but took a long break in high school to pursue tennis.  In college, I picked up running again just to stay in shape.  I hopped in the local half-marathon and a month later ran my first full (very slowly).  Since then, I’ve increased my efforts and decreased that time by over an hour and a half.  I still expect to improve...

I've been racing competitively since… In 2010 I would have said I was racing competitively, but really, in 2013 I started training like I want to be competitive and started to actually compete.


5k- 15:07 (Carlsbad 5000 2015)

10k- 31:32 (Old Pros 2015)
1/2 Marathon- 1:11:00 (Tijuana 2015)
Marathon- 2:26:23 (London 2015)

Favorite race: NYC Marathon

Favorite workout: 3 x 3 mile or 2 x 4 mi

Words to live by: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -Steve Prefontaine

Why you choose to run for PRT:  In order to get faster, I need the support of faster guys around me for motivations and inspiration.

What I like to do besides running: Eat, sleep, dance.