Sabina Piras

Hometown:  Livermore, CA

Background:  I ran XC in high school, then just recreationally in college.  Since graduating college, I’ve been racing competitively in both running and long-distance triathlons.

I’ve been racing competitively since…  I ran my first marathon in 2012 (Kauai Marathon)


Marathon: 2:43 (California International Marathon 2015) *OTQ

Half Marathon: 1:21 (during CIM 2015)

Favorite races:  Boston Marathon and Kauai Marathon

Favorite workout:  Steady, long 20+ mile runs

Words to live by:  If you want to change your body, exercise. If you want to change your life, become a runner.

Why you choose to run for PRT:   I wanted to be surrounded by athletes who inspire me, push me, and share my love for running.   I’m excited to be part of a fun, dedicated team to train and race with!

What I like to do besides running:  Hking, biking, swimming, pilates, yoga, attending farmers markets and cooking! Or anything that gets me outside!