Nick Scarpello

Hometown: Jamison, PA

Background:  I did the 1500m, 3K Steeplechase, 5K and Cross Country as a Penn State Nittany Lion before joining PRT.  I was born and raised in Bucks County, PA.  My Mom is a really special runner.:  growing up I watched her run the Broad Street Run and the Philadelphia Distance run plenty of times.  Ever since I was a baby, every year my Dad would pile me and my two brothers into the minivan and we’d drive down to Center City at the crack of dawn to watch Mom race.  Somehow, the races always seemed to be in the freezing cold rain and I could never understand why people would ever partake in such a treacherous sport.  

Eventually I caught the bug.  Training with the distance crew at Penn State, we saw a few harsh training days during the winter months out there in Central Pennsylvania.  Those are some vivid memories- the January tempo runs over snow-covered dirt trails and bike paths, gusts of cold wind swirling, fingers numb through nylon gloves, winter hats soaked in sweat with ice crystals forming around the edges…  I think those years helped me learn to love and appreciate the primal nature of the sport in many great ways.  And I was blessed with the kinds of lifelong friends and talented training partners that have supported me to keep on competing.

In 2014 I moved to San Diego to start my career, plus to surf a few North County waves.


5K:  14:14 (2015) (Mt. SAC Relays)

5K Road:  14:31 (2016) (Carlsbad 5000)

Road Mile (downhill aided):  3:58 (State Street Mile)

Unofficial 8K Road:  23:41 (2014) (Lake Miramar) (Paul had a stopwatch.  I believe him.)

Favorite Race:  Philadelphia R&R Half Marathon

Favorite workout: Let’s do the 2-looper of the I.M. fields at UCSD, jog 100m over to the track, straight into a 400…hard.  Repeat.

Words to live by:  “Rusty boots.”

Why you choose to run for PRT:  These guys are the hardest working goof balls I have ever met.

What I like to do besides running:  Eat pancakes, play piano, and surf in cold water.  And then get out of the water after 15 minutes when I realize I’m no good at surfing, plus I’m too much of a wimp to be in the Pacific Ocean without a wet suit.  I should really just stick to running, either that or at least buy a wet suit.  The water was never this cold back on the east coast at the Jersey Shore…