Hometown: Western Massachusetts
Background: Grew up playing hockey, began running in 7th grade to get in shape for hockey. Ran varsity track from 7th until 12th grade and began running cross country as a junior. College running was uneventful due to a string of injuries. A severe car accident, a motorcycle crash and ruptured achilles sidelined me for most of the 1990s and early 2000s. Took up competitive cycling in 2004 and gradually returned to running and duathlon.
Racing Competitively Since: 1981-82 as a 7th grader! My grandfather ran the 800 at Watervaliet High School in the 1920s setting a school record of 1:56 on a cinder track. For lack of better judgment I decided I should run the 800.

800 m:  1:55 (1988)

Mile: 4:17 (1985)

5K: 15:46 (1990)

10K: 32:18 (1991)

10 Miles: 54:47 (1986)

20K: 1:13 (1983)

Half Marathon: 1:12 (1984)

Masters PRs:

5K: 16:54 (2016)

10K: 34:55 (2016)

Half Marathon: 1:15:59 (2016)


The Fun Questions:
Favorite Race: New Haven 20k and Falmouth Road Race
Favorite Workout: Hill Repeats
Words to Live By: "If the bone isn't showing...It doesn't hurt."   (Dick Beardsley)
Why I Choose to Run for PRT:  I like the camaraderie of a small team.
What I Like to Do Besides Running: Memeber of The 3 Stooges Fan Club, travel to 3 Stooges Conventions! I am a compeitive Cat. 2 Cyclist, ,compete in duathlons, I enjoy surfing, and I am always reading a few books at a time. I am currently hunting for proof of Big Foot!