Hometown: Monkton, Maryland

Background: I ran XC all 4 years in high school and decided I did not want to run in college so I quit running because I was burnt out.  I then decided to run XC at the last minute for St. Michaels College, which is DII for running and DI for alpine skiing.  I was significantly more dedicated to alpine ski racing in high school and the beginning of college than I was to running.  I ended up running all 4 years but then again was burnt out and quit running a second time while I went to law school and my first few years of being a attorney.  Pretty sure both times I quit running I said something to the effect of, "I am never running again," the lesson being never say never. I started running regularly again in 2015 and that is when I started really taking training seriously.

Racing Competitively Since: 2001 (with multi-year breaks!)


5K: 17:14 (Carlsbad 5000, 2019)

10K: 35:19 (Coronado Valentine’s Day 10K, 2019)

Half Marathon: 1:17:38 (Thrive Half Marathon, 2018)

Marathon: 2:48:48 (California International Marathon, 2018)

Highlights: I was the captain of my high school XC team for 3 years (Sophomore through Senior year). In college I was the 2008 Vermont State XC Champion (DI, II, & III). 

The Fun Questions:

Favorite Race: The Charles Street 12 Miler in Baltimore, MD.  That is where I am from and so many of my running buddies did that race in 2017 so it was so much fun. It is a great rolling course, a random distance, and a great tune-up race.

Favorite Workout: Progression Runs!

Words to Live By: Keep calm, carry on. You are exactly where you need to be. 

Why I Choose to Run for PRT: I wanted to join a racing team that is competitive yet supportive.  A team where others push me to become my best version of myself and I can return the favor for others.  I truly believe in the phrase "Stronger Together" and I really like the sense of community in this team! 

Favorite PRT Memory: I just joined, so there are plenty of favorites to come I am sure! So far, I would say my favorite memories in general are the Wednesday morning track workouts where everyone cheers for each other and encourages each other even though we are frequently doing totally different workouts. 

What I Like to Do Besides Running: I love to cook and create new plant based recipes, yoga, trail running, and hiking with my husband and two dogs, Bo & Max!