Marie Schaper

Hometown Simi Valley, CA

Background: UCSD cross country and track teams 
I've been racing competitively since...  2002


Half Marathon - 1:21:00
6K XC - 22:52
1500m - 4:39.23
3K - 10:22.66
800m - 2:16.12

Favorite race:  Any NOT around Mission Bay...

Favorite workout:  Cut down workouts!

Words to live by:  "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things."
Why you choose to run for PRT: Developed a TRUE love for running towards the end of my college career.  Didn't want to just fade out as a "once was" and knew that I needed strong and wonderful people to train/laugh with in order to continue developing into a respectable competitor and discovering my full potentials.

What I like to do besides running... Eat, sleep, laugh, watch sports and Mad Men whilst holding my guinea pig...  Drink coffee and mosey along the beach...  Love being outdoors and doing different activities.