Hometown: Rochester, NY - Now San Diego, CA

Background: I ran in high school, college (Alfred University), and I was fortunate enough to continue running post collegiate since college.  I have experimented with triathlons, but truly enjoy running and racing in just that sport.

Racing Competitively Since: 1994 (freshman year of HS)


1500 m: 4:07

3000 m: 8:51

5000 m: 15:19

15K: 51:21

Half Marathon: 1:11

Marathon: 2:38


The Fun Questions:

Favorite Race: I really enjoy team/ relay races.

Favorite Workout: When I am in shape - I like longer - tempo workouts.  Currently, I like long runs with teammates and shorter tempo workouts.

Words to Live By: "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." & "Run hard, run fast, have fun."

Why I Choose to Run for PRT: Running is really hard on your own.  I really enjoy PRT because, while we all want to improve in running and be more competitive, running is not each of our main focus in life.  We have families, careers, going back to school, passions, etc. that we are trying to balance within running.  Running for PRT gives me the team and group that is dedicated to running and getting better, but at the same time, understands that running is only part of the bigger picture of life.

What I Like to Do Besides Running: I am the Head Coach for Cross Country and Track & Field at Canyon Crest Academy.  I also teach Physics and have recently become engaged (Woo Hoo!).