Hometown: Richmond, VA (technically Pittsburgh, PA, but left when I was 3)

Background: Ran track when I was ~ 5 years old (miler), and didn't run again until I was 26 years old and needed to find a way to run 2 miles to join the Army

Racing Competitively Since: Never raced competitively, but started racing semi-competitively on the University of Florida "JV" team in 2012


Mile: 5:11 (San Diego Summer Nights Track & Field Meet #1, 2018)

5K: 17:42 (Carlsbad 5000, 2018)

8K XC: 31:18 (Cougar Challenge 8K, 2016)

10K: 36:52 (Coronado Valentine's Day 10K, 2018)

15K: 57:22 (Gate River Run, 2018)

Half Marathon: 1:24:34 (America’s Finest City Half Marathon, 2018)

Marathon: 3:06:03 (Jacksonville Bank Marathon, 2012)

Highlights: Collegiate winner of 2013 Beat the Heat Olympic Triathlon, Daytona Beach, FL 2013


The Fun Questions:

Favorite Race: Boston Marathon; can there be any other answer? But for a more personal one, Run for the Pies in Jacksonville, FL since you have to beat a somewhat competitive time cut-off to win a pie

Favorite Workout: Recovery day, barefoot on the grass

Words to Live By: “I love running cross-country…You come up a hill and see two deer going, ‘What the hell is he doing?’  On a track I feel like a hamster.” – Robin Williams

Why I Choose to Run for PRT: All my teams up to this point had been college triathlon, cycling, or running teams, and I was trying to find something outside of school that would allow similar experiences and camaraderie. PRT has a great blend of highly competitive runners that are truly happy to spend time helping their teammates get faster and enjoy running.

Favorite PRT Memory: Participating in the Big Bear Lake training camp since it was the first time I got a chance to do something with the team away from the track and races. Racing at nationals in San Francisco with the team is right up there as well.

What I Like to Do Besides Running: Sailing or getting out to the mountains for hiking/biking