Jason Batterson

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Background: Ran the 800 in high school. Walked on and promptly off of the UVA track team. After a 20-year break, I started running again at age 38 with the goal of losing weight and breaking 20 minutes for 5k. Both happened very quickly, and now I am just trying to see how much I can beat my high school XC times by as a masters runner.

Masters PRs:

Mile: 4:52

5k: 16:50

10k:   34:24

Half Marathon:   1:17:52

Favorite Race: Carlsbad 5000

Favorite Workout: Easy trail days.

Words to Live By: "Reading is one form of escape. Running for your life is another." -Lemony Snicket

Why Do You Choose to Run for PRT?  In my first year getting of back into running, I kept seeing PRT singlets at the front of every race. I started coming to the Sunday runs, enjoyed the team members, and wanted to be one of the guys at the front of every race. It's very motivating to be surrounded by people who make it obvious just by being there how much faster I ought to be able to go.

What I do besides running: Between running and writing a math curriculum for bright elementary schoolers called Beast Academy, I try to take my kids Parker and Ada skiing as much as possible.