Hometown: San Diego, CA

Background:  I started running in high school when I went out for cross-country, where I developed my love for racing.  In college, I ran cross-country and track at the University of Arizona.  

Racing Competitively Since: If high school counts as competitively, I have been racing since 2006 and never plan on stopping!



800 m: 2:17 (High School (track), 2010)

1600 m: 4:49 (High School CIF Finals (track), 2010)

3000 m: 9:40 (Mt. Pacific Conference Indoor Meet (track))

3000 m Steeplechase: 10:42 (Stanford Invitational (track), 2012)

5000 m: 17:07 (Oxy Invitational (track), 2016)

5K: 17:05 (Vista Strawberry Run, 2016)

10K: 36:32 (Cardiff Kook Run, 2016)

Half Marathon: 1:17:19 (Long Beach Half Marathon, 2016)


The Fun Questions:

Favorite Race: My PR from Long Beach Half Marathon was by far my favorite race! It was a huge PR for me and I fought stride for stride with another woman who ended up beating me in the last mile.  It was the most competitive I have felt during a road race!

Favorite Workout: Anything I get to do around the UCSD track and IM field during sunrise on Wednesday mornings; especially workouts with fast finishes!

Words to Live By: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – You’re right” –Henry Ford

Why I Choose to Run for PRT:  After finishing my collegiate running career, I tried to keep training on my own for a year, but the day after day loneliness on runs slowly sucked the joy out of running.  Joining PRT made me realize one of the main reasons I love running so much is having teammates beside me!

What I Like to Do Besides Running:  I am a new Physical Therapist, so I am enjoying finally working in the profession that I worked so hard to reach.  I also enjoy playing beach volleyball, reading, quilting, and being with my best doggy friends Sierra and McClane!