Hometown:  Laguna Niguel, CA

Background:  Started running as a freshman in high school and loved it.  Got to compete in the state meet my senior year with my team and we got 1st in CA and 6th in the nation.  I tried out for UCLA's team but it didn't work out.  I continued to run which eventually led to joining PRT.

Racing Competitively Since: 2006


5K: 15:42 (UCLA Invitational, 2012)

8K:  26:08 (Cougar Challenge XC, 2016)

10K:  33:52 (Cardiff Kook Run, 2017)

Half Marathon: 1:14:51 (San Diego Half Marathon, 2017)

Marathon: 2:42:38 (Boston Marathon, 2017)


The Fun Questions:

Favorite Race:  Boston Marathon

Favorite Workout:  20 minute recovery

Words to Live By:  The only things you should chase are you shots and your dreams

Why I Choose to Run for PRT:  To impress Kevin Sorrell

Favorite PRT Memory:  pushing the beds together in Palm Springs so Kevin, Nick and I had one giant bed

What I Like to Do Besides Running:  Raves, music festivals, anything related to electronic music, travel