Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Background: Grew up playing water polo.  My college polo coach in San Luis Obispo used to make us run a few mornings a week on the local JC cross country course -- way more fun than swimming!

Racing Competitively Since: I've been racing competitively since about 2006.  But "competitively" from a runner's perspective since 2010.


5K: 14:58 (Encinitas 5K, 2012)

10K: 32:27 (Coronado 10K, 2012)

Half Marathon: 1:10:47 (San Diego Half Marathon, 2012)


The Fun Questions:

Favorite Race: Avenue of the Giants Marathon / Half Marathon (Eureka, CA)

Favorite Workout: Anything on a track is still new and exciting... But probably gotta go with anything over an hour and hard in the middle of nowhere.

Words to Live By: What would you attempt to do today if you knew you could not fail?

Why I Choose to Run for PRT: My wife talked me into joining a local team...  One of the better decisions of my adult life...  Great group, good times and a supportive environment.

What I Like to Do Besides Running: Camping, road trips, cooking, mountain biking, breakfast with my wife.