Darcy Davidson

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Background: Ran track in college. UC Berkeley 1992-1995. 1500m, 3000m, 5000m. I haven’t raced much since then. I’m excited to get back into racing and set PRs in 5k and 10k, and race my first half marathon.

I've been racing competitively since...I started racing competitively in 1989, my Sophomore year in high school.  I took a break from racing after college and have been racing again for a couple of years.


5K - 17:33 (5/19/12)

1500m 4:41 (1993)

10K 36:50 (2015, Cardiff Kook 10K)

Half Marathon: 1:18:38 (2014, Holiday Half)

Marathon: 2:54:31 (2015, M2B Marathon)

Favorite races:  Women Running Wild 5k, Palm Springs & Vineman triathlon, Sonoma CA

Favorite workout: Any version of quarter mile repeats. Love em!

 Tempo run around San Elijo lagoon

 Why you choose to run for PRT: These girls rock! Oh wait, there’s guys too. Positive running environment, enthusiastic and driven without being competitive against one another, supportive and encouraging. Camaraderie.

What I like to do besides running: Um, train for triathlon?  Travel, go backpacking, play in Mammoth, snowboard, drink wine, hang out with friends.