Caela Timinsky

Hometown Encinitas, CA

Background: I played soccer in high school.  I just started running recreationally 2 years ago (my senior year in college at UC Davis) and really started to like it!  When I moved home from Davis my sister, Jenna, and I decided to run AFC half and I have continued running/racing here and there since then. My running career has just begun! 

I've been racing competitively since...  2010

5K - 17:55 (Carlsbad 5000, 2016)
10K - 38:06 (Coronado 10K, 2013)
1/2 Marathon - 1:20:17 (San Diego Rock N Roll Half, 2016)
Marathon - 3:19:04 (Long Beach, 10/17/10)

Favorite race: Not too many to choose from, but I liked Long Beach Marathon (running along the boardwalk by the beach).

Favorite workout: 4 mile tempo

Words to live by: You win some, you lose some!

Why you choose to run for PRT: My sister and I were training together and thought it would be great to join a team to have other people to train and race with!    

What I like to do besides running... I love the beach (bodysurfing, reading, playing smashball, laying out), doing anything outside, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.