Hometown: Flower Mound, TX

Background:  I ran track and XC throughout high school and at Rice University.  I took several years off after college and started up again about 2 years ago.

Racing Competitively Since: Freshman Year High School - 2000


1500 m: 3:57 (Houston Invitational, 2008)

3000 m Steeplechase: 9:19 (UCLA Invitational, 2007)

5000 m: 15:07 (2008)

10000 m: 31:33 (2008)

Marathon: 2:36:53 (Grandma’s Marathon, 2019)


The Fun Questions:

Favorite Race: All time: Texas Relays 2002 - It was my first Big Time meet in High School, and the first time I got to run in a pack with a bunch of fast runners.  I was able to drop my 3200 PR by by 30 seconds .... I was giddy for a about a week. Recent: Boston Marathon.  I love the crowds and always being around other runners ... not many dead spots on the course.

Words to Live By: Don't Sweat the Petty and Don't Pet the Sweaty

Why I Choose to Run for PRT:  I like the camaraderie that PRT provides.  It's great for socializing, and the training keeps me focused on my athletic goals.

What I Like to Do Besides Running: I really enjoy camping and hiking, as well as traveling.  I spent 4 months hiking and traveling around South America in 2015.  I'm don't go to concerts very often, but it's hard for me to pass up a good blue-grass band.  I like to read fantasy books.