Hometown: Oceanside, CA

Background: I ran in high school and college, and since then have had times where I've run a lot, and then multiple year breaks.  I started training again seriously when I was 39 and am still going strong!

Racing competitively since:  Before many of my PRT teammates were born!

Masters PRs: 

5K: 18:12 (Carlsbad 5000, 2016)

10K: 37:08 (Scripps Ranch Old Pros 10K, 2013)

10 Mile: 60:05 (TC 10 Mile, 2014)

Half Marathon: 1:20:49 (Carlsbad Half Marathon, 2016)

Marathon:  2:49:15 (California International Marathon, 2017)


The Fun Questions:

Favorite Race: For racing itself, I love pancake flat road races where I can lock in to my pace.  But in San Diego, I love the Dirt Dog Cross Country series.  It violates all of my racing "rules" (i.e., there are rocks, hills, & dirt) but the people make it a blast.

Favorite Workout:  Long runs with friends or long tempos

Words to Live By: Run the mile you're in!

Why I Choose to Run for PRT: I love being around people who are extremely competitive but also supportive of each other, and PRT definitely has that mix.  I've also just started being able to join the team for morning track workouts somewhat regularly, and after so many years of solo efforts, I love being able to partner with my teammates to get the work done.

What I Like to Do Besides Running: I enjoy traveling, reading, eating, and spending time with friends.  I'm also a newly certified SCUBA diver, and looking forward to more diving trips -- after my next goal race.